Do you go to theatre in Halifax? We want to know why or why not.
The following questions will help us answer the whos and the whys that will fuel our efforts to grow the Halifax theatre community!
Thanks for you help!
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Do you have a love for the (insert accent here) theatre? 

Theatre a.k.a a play or other activity or presentation considered in terms of its dramatic quality.

We certainly do! Let us introduce ourselves - we are the HIT (Halifax Indie Theatre) Book. We are interested in why people see theatre - and why they don't see theatre. We're excited about all the awesome theatre that is currently happening in Halifax, and we'd love to help spread the word! 

Help us take the first step in our project as we chart the waters of live theatre attendance, and you'll be entered into our raffle prize draw!
Are you or your friends/family involved in the Halifax theatre community? *

How many theatre performances have you attended in the last year? *

How do you usually find out about events you are interested in? *

What stops you most from going to see theatre? *

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If not carry on. Thanks!
What stops you second most from going to see theatre? *

How active do you think the independent Halifax theatre scene is? *

Which of the following would influence your decision the most if you were to buy a theatre ticket? *

How much do theatre reviews influence your decision to go see theatre performances? *

If you went to see a theatre show you liked, how likely do you think you would you be to recommend it to a friend or colleague? *

How do you spend your leisure time? *

Please pick your top two choices.

Do you think having access to an app notifying you about theatre in Halifax would increase the amount that you go to theatre? *

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Do you live in Halifax? *

If you're not a part or full time Haligonian where do you call home?

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